Getting started with WordPress CMS. What is WordPress?

WordPress CMS

Written by Peace Akinola

March 12, 2021

What is WordPress (CMS)?

WordPress is a blog platform technologically advanced using PHP language. Users can set up WordPress on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases. WordPress can be used to develop a simple independent blog, or as a content management system (CMS) to build a small portal.

In short, WordPress is now powerful enough to build almost all common types of websites. The WordPress background + WordPress theme constitutes a complete website. WordPress themes can be modified to achieve different styles/layouts of a website.

Reasons to select WordPress

  1. Since the first version of WordPress was released in 2005, it has experienced more than 15 years of development, and the maturity of the product can be imagined.
  2. WordPress has many plugins and themes, which are very convenient to install and use. Even if you don’t move the code, you can also use it to build a beautiful and powerful website.
  3. At present, WordPress is no longer a simple blog program. You can not only use it to build personal blogs but also build other common types of websites, such as portals, download stations, Taobao, forums, multi-blogs, etc.
  4. With WordPress, you will no longer fight alone, no matter what problems you encounter, as long as you Baidu or Google, you can find a solution.

Still have questions? Still hesitating?

WordPress is very powerful, but the backend seems to be very complicated.

In fact, you need to learn how to use it yourself when you are in contact with every site-building program. The power of WordPress also leads to its relatively complicated background. However, you will not walk alone because I exist.

There are already many WordPress introductory tutorials on the Internet, graphics, videos, and any search and search can be found. As long as you can search and learn by yourself, everything is a piece of cake!

But if you are too busy and need the Work of an expert feel free to contact one of the best WordPress Website Developer Online.

Most Common augment about WordPress CMS

I heard that WordPress consumes CPU resources, and the background operations are stuck?

Compared with other small blog programs, WordPress is indeed larger in terms of resource consumption; however, have you thought about it? Why are so many people using WordPress? What is it that takes up your CPU?

In fact, WordPress has relatively high requirements on the host, but it is not WordPress itself that consumes a lot of CPU but is usually caused by many plugins installed by users.

To use WordPress well, you need to master certain optimization skills. On this issue, you will find lots of online article on it and I will also me giving out few optimization tips.

Web Resources to learn more about WordPress

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