How to Build a Website and Blog with WordPress

build a website with wordpress

Written by Peace Akinola

May 25, 2021

Want to know how to build a website or blog with WordPress? My name is Peace, and I have 4 years of website and blog construction and management experience. I like simplicity because simple things are the best. Here, I will show you how to create a blog and website quickly and easily. No need for technology and experience, beginners can get started quickly!

Before officially starting, let me talk about my website construction and management history.

In 2017, I started to make my website. I first used the popular at the time, edited each page bit by bit, adjusted the color and format. with great pains build a dozen. It is a small website on the page, but it was still ignorant at the time, the website design was relatively simple, and the traffic was very small. The effect is not good.

Later, I discovered WordPress, and I was fascinated by its convenience and powerful functions. It was like discovering a vast world. From then on, I have been persevering on this road, learning continuously more on how to build a website or blog with WordPress, and opening up another path in life.

In the process of running my website, I have gone through many detours. I have built more than 10 websites by myself, and I have also helped friends build websites. I kept looking at which websites could make money, and then imitated myself to do it. Some websites have been abolished, and some websites have been in operation until now.

In today’s Internet age, if you want to jump out of the job we are tired of and hope to improve your income, or even change your life (I am not exaggerating at all, everything I is now fully benefiting from this). We have nothing to do, we can only rely on so much hard work, then building our website is a good entry point. You don’t need too much money. What you want are continuous learning and hard work and dedication. After your continuous efforts, you will have a completely different world.

Here I will share my site-building experience directly with you. I hope you can build your own business without taking so many detours and spending so much effort.

There are specific step-by-step instructions on how to build a website and blog. In order not to leave dead ends, I will explain in more detail.

10 steps to build a website or blog with WordPress

  1. Determine the content of the website
  2. Select a website and blog platform
  3. Pick a hosting provider
  4. Create a domain name
  5. Set up hosting account
  6. Make a WordPress account
  7. Set website language and back-end login account name and password (if your site is in English, just use the default English back-end)
  8. Pick website theme (i.e. interface)
  9. post article
  10. Introduce some useful plugins

1. Determine the content of the website

The most important thing is to choose a niche market that you like but has a good future (a niche market is to select a small product or service area, concentrate on entering and become the leader), in short, it is to determine this What does the website do.

It is best to choose a direction, such as technology, foreign trade, tourism, weddings, moving, movies, games, etc. Find a balance between your hobbies and dedication. You have to have enough interest and willingness to invest, and the market is big enough, so you choose the right direction.

It is important to choose the right direction, and everything is in vain if the direction is not right. I need to do a lot of research myself. You can study other people’s websites and use keyword tools such as Baidu Index or SEMrush to analyze search volume and determine what you do.

If you cannot decide what to do, for the time being, you can first try to choose according to your interests, try to do it, and see the effect. If there is a new direction, change it or build another website. Once it is cooked and the second is cooked, with the first experience, the second time can be done very quickly.

2. Select a website and blog platform (Build a website or blog with WordPress)

The website platform (also called content management system or CMS) turns your text into the form of a website or blog.

There are many website building platforms at home and abroad, such as PageAdmin CMS, Empire CMS, DISCUZ forum system, domestic systems are relatively easy to use, but domestic companies may be closed that day, or follow-up support cannot keep up, this is us the biggest risk faced. For example, the popular dream weaving CMS, many personal websites, and information websites used this system, but the dream weaving team has been disbanded, and the system is now in a state of unmaintained, frequent website vulnerabilities broke out, and the security is relatively poor. Ease of use compared with the risks faced, just think about it and forget it.

There are many well-known website-building systems abroad, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, etc. Among all the website building systems, WordPress is the most popular and the best.

WordPress is a blog program developed by Americans. It has tens of millions of individual and corporate users worldwide. Because it is an open-source system, many people all over the world have developed various themes and plug-ins, which greatly exerts the advantages of the program. , Make it continue to improve. At present, WordPress plugins and themes are already very large, no matter what kind of website you need, personal blog, shopping, movies, videos, all kinds of layout designs. Various characteristic plug-ins can also help you achieve various functions, such as full-process purchase, payment, and other functions.

WordPress is completely free, and most hosting companies provide one-click installation free. However, its value is absolutely like a piece of sparkling gold, helping you create miracles.

3. Pick a hosting provider to build your website or blog with WordPress

The host can put your website and blog on the Internet. The hosting company I have been using is Godaddy, which has a simple interface and is suitable for beginners. A website can be set up in a few minutes, and WordPress can be installed with one click.

4. Create a domain name

The domain name is your web address (e.g. To create a domain name, just enter it in the left box “Create a new domain”, and then purchase the domain name.

If you already have a domain name, enter it in the box on the right, and then change the domain name DNS to Godaddy name servers.

To apply for a host first and then apply for a domain name later, please click the link “I will create my domain later” at the bottom, and then purchase and set up the domain name and website after purchasing the host.

5. Set up hosting account and payment

This part of the setting only needs to be input according to the prompts displayed.

6. Make a WordPress account

If you purchase a domain name in the fifth step, the domain name fee will be settled together with the hosting fee. Once the purchase is successful, the system will automatically install the WordPress program for you without manually setting it up. Next, you can choose a WordPress theme (in non-technical language, the website interface) according to your needs.

You can also skip this step because WordPress has many great free website themes that you can set up later.

You can click “Log in to WordPress” to manage your website backend. However, it is not convenient to get in like this every time. We can add a user and password after logging in. Then you can log in with your account and password.

7. Set website language and add account name and password (if you are in English, you do not need to change the language setting)

WordPress supports almost all languages.

Go to “Settings”, click “General”, then select “preferred language” in “Site Language”, and then click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page, and the entire background page will be changed to your preferred language. In this way, operating the background is as simple as posting a post.

8 Pick website theme (i.e. interface)

Click “Appearance”-“Themes”-“Add a new theme”

Then there will be many themes, you can preview them after you choose them, and then click “Install”-“Activate”, so that your website has an interface you like. WordPress themes can be changed at any time, and there will be better ones in the future.

9. Publish an article

Everything is ready, you can now publish articles(post).

Click “Blog Posts”-“Add New”, and you can start posting your first post.

This makes a distinction between “articles” and “pages.” Articles that are easy to understand are the content of your website. For example, your website is for tourism, and articles are introductions to various destinations, recommended tourist routes, travel guides, etc. In addition “page” refers to some relatively fixed content, such as “about us”, “contact us”, “privacy protection”, and so on.

10. Introduce some useful plugins

If you want to download plug-ins, please go to “Plugins”-“Add New”, search for various powerful plug-ins. Many functions and page display effects you want can be achieved. How to use the plug-in will be introduced later, or you can search it with a search engine.

To sum up ( How to Build a Website and Blog with WordPress )

The above are all the steps of how to build your website or blog with WordPress. After setting up, you need to spend some time studying each function. Soon you will be able to master how to use WordPress proficiently. Then think about how to create content, make money if you improve you are ranking, etc. Start your new journey.

If there is anything you do not understand, please leave a message below, I will usually reply soon.

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