Introduction to Flatsome Theme and its Features


Written by Peace Akinola

September 5, 2020

I believe Flatsome Theme will arouse the interest of many e-commerce webmasters. Flatsome is a paid theme in envatomarket, a highly competitive theme vendor. Among the large-scale websites, the compatibility and customization of the WooCommerce shopping plug-in system are quite high with Flatsome.

why choose to use Flatsome?

When it comes to the use of WooCommerce for WordPress sites there are many paid themes to chose from.

Some of these themes help in editing product pages but the themes that allow the customization of the layout design are quite limited, and the layout and functional operations of the product page are good to improve the customer’s user experience.

As a result of the setbacks of other themes, Flatsome is a good solution to this problem, whether it is the ability to edit web pages directly in the preview mode, or the advanced functions of WooCommerce and its peripheral tools.

Some Features of Flatsome Theme

  • The theme of can perfectly create e-commerce websites.
  • It has editing tools designed for the diversity of online store websites and can speed up the performance of responsive (RWD) web pages to give users the best shopping experience.
  • There are many sample pages tailored for functions like company introduction, contact us, limited time sale, merchandise display, etc..
  • Use of the UX Builder to design the webpage. While previewing the page, users can add webpage elements and customize the webpage style.
  • The fit between Flatsome and WooCommerce is far beyond your imagination. Any type of e-commerce website project can be set-up with it.


Flatsome is the seamless theme for accessible shop or company website. It got all the gears required to create super-fast responsive websites with remarkable user experience.

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